Found on Flickr: retention

30 03 2009

retention, originally uploaded by brookeshaden.

Cool stuff!

Main square in Bethlehem

30 03 2009

Main square in Bethlehem, originally uploaded by Jacob W..

Here’s another shot from my Bethlehem series. I miss this place so much…!

Hip-hop/fashion show at the Student Pub

29 03 2009

, originally uploaded by Jacob W..

I was invited to shoot a live music event combined with a fashion show this Friday. Check out some of the photos at my flickr account. A slideshow is also available here.

Found on Flickr: Wasp queen

19 03 2009

Wasp queen series #2, originally uploaded by Lord V.

I really like this one… the macro is an amazing thing to play with and this guys does it pretty well. By the way: I had no idea that even small animals (and insects?) like this are so perfect and symmetrical (look at the forehead for example!).


9 03 2009

Frozen, originally uploaded by Jacob W..

Another shot from Petra.

Självfallet show, Halmstad

8 03 2009

I was photographing an event here in Halmstad last Saturday. Got a couple of good shots from there, as the one above. You can see more at my Dropbox gallery over here.

By the way I’m currently looking for some options to get more of my photos online but at the same time make it as easy for you to view them in a nice gallery as possible. Flickr is pretty good, but there’s the 40MB/month limit for free accounts and I don’t think I can make it. Anyway stay tuned for more!

Minority Report goes real

16 12 2008

The biggest GUI evolution ever since 1984 (you know, the Apple, the mouse, the graphics, etc [although technically it was Xerox who invented the mouse, but seriously - who remembers that?]). 

This video shows of something that reminds me of Tom Cruise’s Minority Report.

g-speak overview 1828121108 from john underkoffler.

(Shit, embedding doesn’t work obviously but just check out the link.)


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